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A Busy Week as We Count Down To Christmas Break

Here is one of our fine Jr. High students who used math to determine the center and hung this great piece of art! It looks great!

With only two weeks until Christmas the students at DVCOS have been busy! Many of our Grade twelve students are spending more time to ensure they are caught up so that when January Diploma prep starts they'll be ready. Others are working to ensure they have accomplished what they can before the Christmas holiday.

This week we had a few events to raise student awareness and involvement in technology, health and career planning. On Tuesday and Wednesday approx 15 of our students took part in an Hour of Code. A world wide campaign, where we were 15 out of 69,624,539 students who got to try some super cool computer programming/coding. While some tried it once and are good to not try it again. MANY of the others were very keen and we hope to allow more opportunities for coding in the future at DVCOS. If you are interested in seeing more you can visit .

Thursday students had their final opportunity to try our YOGA with Ms. Ambrose from Aim for Success. We have thoroughly enjoyed the five sessions and hope that she will come back. It is so key to ensure we keep a balance of mind and body, and yoga really helps us do that. Shortly after we said our goodbye's to Ms. Ambrose we welcomed Becky from Skills Alberta. Becky gave a great presentation on careers in Trades & Technologies, as well as sharing more about the Regional & Provincial Skills Competitions! Stay tuned we may have some skilled students heading in that direction- we will keep you posted!

A reminder to check the calendar often to see what important events and deadlines are coming. Next week we:

  • are hosting a special Christmas Potluck on Tuesday for our wonderful Community of DVCOS (including our students but also important members of Drayton Valley who have supported us)
  • will kick off our Christmas break on Thursday by spending our last day emphasizing the true meaning of the holiday. DVCOS will host our first Christmas Mini Festival for a local Grade One class (our students will be setting up games/ crafts/dancing etc... that they will help the little ones with). We want to be able to give back to our community as well. Then after a lovely pizza lunch sponsored by our favourite pizza place, Goldies! We will then enjoy time with our DVCOS family down at the local Drayton Valley Ski Hill, tubing and tobogganing... IF there is any snow left!! (Fingers crossed!) A special thanks to Sheila and the Drayton Valley Ski Hill for hosting us, their generosity is much appreciated!
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